St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
109 N. Main Street Box 48
Glandorf, Ohio 45848

1. No flowers or ornaments, bird houses, vigil or votive lights, wind chimes, statues, prayer stones, boxes, shells, stones, toys, etc. shall be placed in the grass or on the footer.
2. None of the above items are to be placed loose on the headstone since these things blow off or are knocked off the stone and into the path of the lawn mower, which may cause damage to the mower or someone. Be aware that the lawn mower can easily touch/hit and break items on the stone.
3. Please keep items attached to the headstones only.
4. No shrubs or plants shall be planted on the grave sites.
5. All rods for flag holders or shepherd hooks are to be drilled into existing cement, five inches from the edge of footer, contact the Cemetery Caretaker.
6. Never add or remove any ground over the grave, the caretaker will take care to this.
7. Parishioners are always reminded in advance thru the parish bulletin, for spring and fall clean up. All things around the graves are to be removed in prep for mowing season and winter weather. Must be done by March 1 and November 1.
8. The Cemetery Caretaker and board reserves the right to remove any decorations or items not cleaned up or not on the headstone.
9. When walking your pets owner must clean up after them.
10. All footers need to be installed by Gerding Excavating.
11. The Base and Tombstone on Section 7, Section 8, and Section 9 are to be no bigger than: Double lot 12" wide by 48" long, by 30" high Single lot 12" wide by 24" long, by 30" high. If you have any questions regarding the size or graphics wanted on your headstone it must be approved by the cemetery board before the stone is prepared.
The monument company must contact the cemetery caretaker before any monuments are set.
Your cooperation to these rules is very much appreciated.
Fr. Tony Fortman, and Cemetery Committee Revised 4-2-2011